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Tjtag's New WebSite

Hello all, and welcome to Tjtag's WebSite. The website is brand new, and being worked on constantly, to add content, apllications, and recovery tutorials. Over the years I have collected alot of information, and will attempt to put the most relevant, and helpful information online for you.

There is also alot of information already on the web about Tjtag, and it should be easy to find... if you use Google.

I am very interested in what all of you would like to see on Tjtag's website, feedback about the design and layout also, so please do not hesitate to drop me a line on the matter, you can use the contact menu at the top of the home page or e-mail me directly at my email address.

I plan for Tjtag's website to have information about other software as well, like urjtag, openocd, spipgm, and flashrom. all of the later can be used with the TIAO Universal Adapter, I will also show you how I compile those apllications "On LInux" from source.


Getting Started

It's easy to get started with Tjtag, for windows users you will first need to install giveio.sys, although this may change in the very near future, I anticipate replacing giveio.sys with a DLL, which once installed the first time, will autoload when called be tjtag in future sessions. I have not noticed any throughput issues using inpout.dll, also, the 64 bit version of tjtag, tested on Win 7 x64 ultimate, uses the inpoutx64.dll driver.

In an effort to get the site up and running al little more quickly, I will not write a tutorial here, but refer you to WifiShadows wiki, it has a great little tutorial that should have you up and running in no time.

Perhaps sometime in the near future I will write a small - How to get started article.